There is nothing like a staged workshop in order to tell if something works.

Dragon composer Michael Ching reveals his process and explains how a hate rock anthem fits into his new opera.

“I imagine that writing an opera is like painting a large mural,” says Michael Ching, composer for Slaying the Dragon which will premiere in Philadelphia in June.  “First you paint the main characters 

“Oh my god, the bomb!”

“What bomb, Jerry?”

(cue epiphanic piano roll)

It took one listen at the rehearsal for last weekend’s Slaying the Dragon workshop for composer Michael Ching to pull out his red pen at this dramatic moment. 

The concert begins with a brief introduction by composer Andrea Clearfield followed by an exciting performance of the "Women of Valor Suite.” The performance includes a newly commissioned piece, “Hagar,” (words byGermantown Jewish Center member Ellen Frankel.  The concert will be performed in a special chamber version

One of the reasons I started this blog was to document the process of composition so that it might be useful to composers and librettists starting out on their journey. In the eight months that Ellen Frankel and I have been working on our opera, there have been eight versions of the libretto created.


A new project, SLAYING THE DRAGON, saw the first light of day last week at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia. Center City Opera's Andrew Kurtz had the inspiration to create an opera based on the true story of a rabbi and his wife who befriend and change the path of a Grand Dragon of the KKK.

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