The chance to hear brand new classical music in the presence of the composer is a rare treat, so make this on your calendars!  

Source:  Program notes from Women of Valor:

The concert begins with a brief introduction by composer Andrea Clearfield followed by an exciting performance of the "Women of Valor Suite.” The performance includes a newly commissioned piece, “Hagar,” (words by Germantown Jewish Center member Ellen Frankel.  The concert will be performed in a special chamber version, featuring soprano Elizabeth Racheva and mezzo-soprano Suzanne Du Plantis, with violin, piano and percussion. The full suite includes six movements, consisting of three pairs of biblical women: “Sarah,” “Hagar,” “Leah,” “Rachel,” “Jocheved,” and “Miriam.” The Women’s Sacred Music Project (WSMP) decided to commission the new movement so that Hagar would be remembered as a woman of valor, along with Sarah, the wife of Abraham. WSMC  is a public charity (501c3) organized in 1997 to promote the creation and performance of sacred music by, for, and about women at the highest level of excellence.

Here is a Facebook event. 

And the evening schedule:

Join us for an interfaith musical event co-sponsored by The Women's Sacred Music Project, the Daylesford Abbey and GJC.

7:45 PM - Refreshments & Havdallah

8:00 PM - Interfaith Symposium on the Woman of Valor Figure in the Hebrew Bible and Muslim tradition with Dr. Ellen Frankel, Zakiya Islam & Reverend Susan Teegen-Case

9:00 PM - Meet the Composer, Andrea Clearfield, followed by performance of the Chamber Suite from “Women of Valor,” including Sarah, Hagar  (newly commissioned), Rachel, Leah, Jocheved, and Miriam

10:00 PM - Interfaith Selichot Service

Please join us and invite friends, both Jewish and not, for the music and interfaith dialogue.

Librettist of Opera and Choral Works

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