List of Ellen Frankel’s Publications

Choosing To Be Chosen (Ktav, 1985)

George Washington and the Constitution (Bantam, 1987)

The Classic Tales: 4000 Years of Jewish Lore (Jason Aronson, 1989)

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols (Jason Aronson, 1992)

Tell It Like It Is: Tough Choices for Today's Teens (Ktav, 1995)

The Five Books of Miriam (Putnam, 1996)

The Five Books of Miriam, paperback edition (Harper SanFrancisco, 1997)

The Jewish Spirit (Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 1997)

The Illustrated Hebrew Bible (Stewart, Tabori, and Chang) 1999

Midrash Miriam, Hebrew Edition (Am Oved, Israel, 2007)

The JPS Illustrated Children’s Bible (JPS, 2009)

Mitzvah Stories, coedited with Goldie Milgram (Reclaiming Judaism Press, 2011)

Three Testaments, ed. Brian B. Brown, "Torah," essay by Ellen Frankel (Rowman Littlefield, 2012)

Family Mitzvah Stories, co-ed Goldie Milgram (Reclaiming Judaism Press, 2014)

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Librettist of Opera and Choral Works

Libretti: I am available to write lyrics for short works for voice and/or chorus, as well as longer pieces such as cantatas and operas.


I am especially interested in truly collaborative projects, involving multiple drafts and close work with the composer.


Initial Queries: Please contact me by email with a short description of your project and an approximate timetable for completion.


Contact Information:

The Write Angle: Editing and Publishing Services

Editing Services: I offer several levels of non-fiction editing, including 

  • concept edit (manuscript evaluation and critique) 
  • limited collaborative edit
  • line-editing (editing and/or rewriting at the sentence level)

Initial Queries: Please contact me by email with a short description of your manuscript and an explanation of what you want me to do. 

If I am available and think it sounds like a good match, I'll ask you to send me the full or partial manuscript. I prefer to see the project before settling on terms. 

Contact Information: